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Index des pays : Pays de Galles

Country Index: Wales WARS & TREATIESBATTLESBIOGRAPHIESWEAPONSCONCEPTSWars and TreatiesRoses, Wars of the, 1455-1485Welsh War of Edward I, 1277-1282BattlesColby Moor, battle of, 1 August 1645Conway, battle near, 22 January 1295Harlech Castle, siege of, to August 1468Laugharne castle, siege of, 29 October-3 November 1644Montgomery, battle of, 17 September 1644Mynydd Carn, 1081Orewin Bridge, battle of, 11 December 1282 (Wales)Rowley Burn, battle of, 633St.
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